How to Make the Game Much Easier (Cuphead Controller Remap)

How to Make the Game Much Easier (Cuphead Controller Remap)

If you’ve got been suffering with CUPHEAD like I have, then possibilities are you are seeking out any help you can get in tackling the game’s steady supply of absurdly hard bosses. While the game functions very unique platforming and run-and-gun movement, the default manipulate device is not clearly conducive to pulling off the well-timed maneuvers which might be required to be triumphant. However, via changing a number of the inputs, you can quick start making extra development.How to Make the Game Much Easier (Cuphead Controller Remap)

The sport’s most critical movements currently take place on its face buttons. While this will make feel in an vintage-college run-and-gun sport, a current controller permits for a great deal extra freedom in this regard, and it’s exceptional if you take gain of each the triggers and bumpers in your Xbox One controller. You can remap the game’s buttons from the controller settings inside the pause menu, and if you’re suffering with the default gadget then I strongly propose you accomplish that.

Though some have noted that they prefer the sprint to be locked to the left trigger, I locate it a great deal extra herbal to assign it to the right trigger, while the EX Shot is locked to the left. Whereas the dash is generally positioned on the Y button, transferring it to the proper trigger has allowed me to make a few essential ultimate-2nd saves, which may be important to creating it through a number of Cuphead’s extra hard challenges.

Here’s the Cuphead controller remap that need to assist you in your adventures with the sport:

Cuphead Controller Remap

A – Jump

X – Shoot

Left Trigger – EX Shot

Left Bumper – Switch Weapon

Right Trigger – Dash

Right Bumper – Lock


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How to Make the Game Much Easier (Cuphead Controller Remap)
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