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Full Guide to Shaped Mapping – Path of Exile: Fall of Oriath

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Was creating a guide for a chum of mine new to the game, and I figured I’d share the mapping segment I wrote for her with all of the new gamers.

Every map which you whole adds a 1% chance to dropped maps to upgrade once to a higher tier. So essentially this indicates in case you whole 100 maps, you benefit one hundred% assured hazard to improve each map you locate, one tier. Every tier 11 you find turns into a tier 12. If you have got over one hundred% chance, the overcap rolls over and starts offevolved again. Having one hundred twenty Atlas completion manner a one hundred% chance to improve a tier 11 to a tier 12, and then a 20% threat to upgrade that tier 12 all over again to a tier 13. This is a in reality true manner to development and maintain your map pool.Path of Exile

Completion of a map manner killing the map boss beneath sure situations.

To complete tier 1-five, you want to kill the boss in a magic model of that map (blue), or better.

To entire tier 6-10, the map desires to be at least rare (yellow).

For degrees 11-sixteen, the map wishes to be rare AND corrupted (yellow and corrupted by means of a vaal orb).

There is a tradeoff, however, for finishing some maps. Once you complete a map it becomes part of your drop pool – it has a hazard to drop when you discover maps. Not every map may be well worth it to you to run. If you experience tier 11 Map A, however don’t revel in tier 11 Map B, then it can no longer be smart to finish Map B and add it on your drop pool, where it reduces the drop rate of your Map A (and also you emerge as with Map B’s alternatively).

This is wherein shaping comes into play.

Some maps drop something referred to as a shaper’s orb. A shaper’s orb improvements a map via adding 5 degrees. So orbing a tier 5 “Mesa” map turns it right into a tier 10 “Shaped Mesa” map. It has the same format and boss, however is now full of high level monsters and loot equal to other tier 10’s. It is efficiently a tier 10 now. Choose low stage maps you enjoy and shape them to retain running them at better levels, and perhaps rather than the “natural” maps at the ones ranges.

When you run Map X, you could locate maps up to 2 ranges better than Map X. These maps are selected from 2 places. 1. Your finished maps. 2. Maps placed adjoining to Map X on the Atlas of Worlds.

Generally talking, this indicates fashioned maps are superior to run, because they’re without delay adjoining to low level maps – maps that aren’t competing together with your high stage maps. For example, say you dislike all the natural tier 15 maps. To keep away from finding and consequently having to run them, you choose no longer to complete them to your Atlas. Unfortunately, in case you need to keep away from finding those maps, you also ought to keep away from going for walks the tier 14 maps which can be adjoining to them on the Atlas. If you want to avoid finding/going for walks the ones tier 14s, you’ll need to avoid going for walks the tier 13s they’re adjoining to, and many others.

Shaped maps, however, are still related to maps 5 ranges underneath them, identical as they were before you fashioned them. You can’t run a fashioned map and find an unwanted map that you intentionally excluded out of your drop pool. This is the electricity of shaping.

Complete maps up through tier 10, after which forestall completing when you attain tier 11-15. Instead, run shaped maps at these degrees. Tier sixteen is an exception and is important to finish, when you consider that a tier 16 literally can not drop from any fashioned tier 15 till it’s brought on your completed pool. Complete each specific map, as nicely.

Unfortunately, to get shaper’s orbs from tier 11-16 maps, you will have to complete the ones maps first, including them in your pool. Eventually, put off them with an item known as a Master Cartographer’s Seal. Seals are expensive, and till you can manage to pay for it, simply deal with strolling the ones maps.

DISCLAIMER: You can kill the bosses on these particular maps considering you have got already completed them, but do not kill the bosses on different adjoining maps you locate in the process of jogging these. Killing those bosses WILL add those maps in your drop pool. Even in case you kill a chairman from a normal white or blue or uncorrupted yellow map, it will nonetheless add the map in your completion pool. It simply won’t provide you with the Atlas completion bonus. Hope this enables!


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Full Guide to Shaped Mapping - Path of Exile: Fall of Oriath
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