How to Start a New Game in The Pyre

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One of the primary reasons Pyre does no longer have a New Game Plus, Supergiant Games says, is due to the fact its marketing campaign already has many threads of replayability. But, once you entire the marketing campaign the primary time, you’ll be delivered returned to the main menu, where it simply offers you the choice to “Load Checkpoint” or “Continue Campaign,” that is proper above the Versus Mode.

So how do you start a new sport in Pyre? It’s a chunk greater convoluted than it needs to be, but it is honestly feasible. Instead of hitting “Continue Campaign,” visit the “Settings” menu and then hit “Save Slots.” See the photograph underneath:Pyre

After that, really engage with one of the unused keep slots, and it’s going to take you lower back to the main menu wherein the top choice is “Start Campaign.” We want you all a hit Rites, and might the Scribes smile down upon you all.

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how do you start a new sport in Pyre?
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