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How to Swap Between Agents in Agents of Mayhem With Video

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Agents of Mayhem may additionally have spun off from the Saints Row franchise, but it keeps plenty of colourful personalities that you’ll want to get to realize. You’ll must, in fact, if you need to make it via to the end. As you’re making your manner via Seoul, you’ll be in control of three special Agents at any given time. You can handiest control certainly one of them at a time, however you may swap among all of them on the drop of a hat with a simple button press. There’s no fanfare to it, and nothing complex to recall. Making certain you’re absolutely using your squad is the only actual trick to it.

To switch between Agents, just use the D-pad for your controller and press left or proper. You can be within the center of a firefight, or just strolling down the street, and your newly selected Agent might be deployed. It’s without a doubt an thrilling switch-over that doesn’t take very lengthy to finish, and also you’ll hardly ever be aware it happening. Switching Agents will internet you a fitness boost in case you haven’t already depleted everybody’s health, and you’ll get some time to stave off the enemies ahead of you too.

Of direction, swapping an Agents again out doesn’t mechanically top off their fitness meters. You’ll should preserve them at rest for a bit bit if you want that to happen, so swapping out and from side to side indefinitely isn’t a valid method. And in case you need to alternate out your Agent on the onset of a degree after deciding on a beginning project from the Ark, you could do this whilst you start the venture as well.

It’s simple sufficient to switch Agents, however make sure you’re doing it at times that it behooves you to. The game is based on a few speedy-questioning movements, so make sure you have got this simple switch down pat earlier than progressing too a ways in the game. You’ll simply want your other Agents’ actions.

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Agents of Mayhem may additionally have spun off from the Saints Row franchise
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