Where to Find Rare Treasure Chests (Fortnite)

Where to Find Rare Treasure Chests (Fortnite)

As with many survival games, loot development and accumulating are major focuses of Fortnite. Players who learn how to discover and loot treasure correctly grow to be with the most powerful characters.

Below are some guidelines for locating uncommon treasure chests in Fortnite.

Follow the Noise

There’s a very distinct sound effect that plays when a treasure chest is close to you. It is usually recommended that you play with sound enabled, and whilst walking thru indoor regions pay attention. If you pay attention the noise, look around you for a chest.

Note that treasure chests are available an expansion of forms, inclusive of conventional wooden containers, vaults, and even coffins.

Beat Em Down

The most valuable treasure is normally hidden in tougher-to-attain regions. For example, they will be interior an attic, or in the back of a wall you need to break down. You can normally rely on listening for the noise as referred to above, and hotel to tearing down partitions or investigating hard areas to get to if you can not locate the treasure.

Just remember that while you destroy through a wall you is probably making it less difficult for enemies to get to you.

Go Up or Down

Expanding upon the previous note, treasure is generally placed in basements, caves, or on the top stage of structures. It’s very uncommon that you will discover whatever of word on the bottom degree, so don’t spend your time there if you want to locate some thing unique.

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Where to Find Rare Treasure Chests (Fortnite)
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