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Valkyria Revolution: How to Defeat Brunhilde & Maxim (Chapter 2 Boss Fights)

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Chapter 2’s bosses in Valkyria Revolution up the ante appreciably, bringing returned Maxim for a 2d spherical (with new skills) as well as the elemental shifter Brunhilde. Read on for techniques to take them down.Valkyria Revolution

Defeating Maxim

Yes, he is again again, and frankly his movements aren’t all that exclusive. For method from Chapter 1, see How to Defeat Maxim.

What has modified is Maxim’s organisation – he is now backed by way of a small however distinctly demanding force, with the capability to fill up their ranks thru reinforcement at periods. In addition to navigating Volcano Sphere as you probably did before (go at the defensive and steer your teammates clear), there is a very good hazard Maxim gets desperate as his fitness wanes and motel to Divine Blade, a truthful however risky assault. Simply keep away from his line of sight when this happens and you ought to be OK. Earth elemental assaults are going to be Maxim’s biggest weak spot here, but aren’t required – staying healthy and dealing consistent damage should be your biggest priorities.

Defeating Brunhilde

Brunhilde’s predominant gimmick can also slip past you at the beginning, until your eye catches colourful, levitating orbs. These imply elemental weaknesses, which constantly exchange all through warfare. The orbs and their corresponding weaknesses are as follows.

Red = Fire
Blue = Water
Green = Wind
Yellow/Brown = Earth

As the primary Valkyria you’ve faced, it’s crucial to recognise from the start that in case your Battle Palette’s elementals are not a terrific in shape, your possibilities are going to be pretty narrow. As such, change birthday celebration members according with Brunhilde’s contemporary orbs, and once more keep in mind a shielding approach for continued safety and teammates than continue to be alive in preference to useless. Brunhilde is some thing of a bullet sponge, this means that you will want to outlast her even as constantly hammering her weaknesses so as to claim victory.

As warfare wears on Brunhilde will eventually summon backup with a purpose to explode if no longer handled fast. Take out spirits as they appear and retain hammering elemental weaknesses till Brunhilde is defeated.

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Valkyria Revolution: How to Defeat Brunhilde & Maxim (Chapter 2 Boss Fights)
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