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Destiny 2’s first DLC expansion is known as the Curse of Osiris and it is due for release at the beginning of December. Set after the belief of the primary marketing campaign, it makes a speciality of Warlock Ikora Rey’s relationship along with her former grasp Osiris and a looming Vex army that threatens to wipe us all out.

Guardians will visit the sandy wastes of Mercury in a hunt to music down Osiris and take part in a slew of trendy tale missions, Strikes and more. To assist you get all the records you want, we’ve put together a on hand guide that’ll catch you up with all of the information which have been revealed and what is nevertheless to come back. We’ll be updating this page as Bungie unveils greater information in the weeks leading as much as release day, so preserve this web page bookmarked!

Raid Lairs: Curse of Osiris is introducing mini-raids referred to as Raid Lairs into the combination. Learn extra approximately the primary raid lair in our Raid Lair: Eater of Worlds guide.

BREAKING! – twenty ninth November 2017

Bungie has announced that its 0.33 Curse of Osiris livestream has been cancelled. Instead, Bungie could be addressing community issues and the modern-day nation of the sport in a detailed blog put up later these days (29th November 2017).

Originally Bungie planned to show off a number of Curse of Osiris’ armour sets, and although we might not see them courtesy of the move, content material creators will nevertheless release their personal recorded photos from a DLC preview event.

We’ll make sure to soak up as a good deal facts on all of the armour units and different information found out with the aid of those fortunate sufficient to play the DLC early and pop this data right here for you – live tuned for a huge update!

UPDATE: 27th November 2017

Bungie has announced a today’s PVP map and Strike which’ll be brought with the Curse of Osiris DLC. We’ve got all of the details for you below.

It’s also really worth noting that Bungie’s 1/3 and final DLC livestream is taking location this Wednesday (29th November) and it’ll include a few vital facts on now not best the expansion however future fine of life updates to Destiny 2. We’ll be protecting all of the essential info here, so stay tuned for all that very quickly.

PVP Map: Pacifica

Here’s our first tease of a brand new PVP map it truly is coming within the Curse of Osiris. It’s set on Titan and will see us do battle against different Guardians on top of an sizable ocean rig – count on some extreme platforming.

After in addition facts and future tips and hints? Check out our Pacifica guide for all the latest method advice!

Strike: A Garden World
In addition to a PVP map monitor, Bungie also unveiled that one of the Strikes coming with Curse of Osiris DLC.

Here’s the teaser.

View photo on Twitter

Turns out we will be putting a forestall to a rampant Vex Mind with the assist of Osiris himself. We’ll be putting together a full walkthrough whilst we’ve had a risk to play it ourselves, so bookmark our A Garden World Strike guide to get a head begin.

Release date
”The Curse of Osiris” will release on the fifth December 2017.

Destiny 2’s first growth additionally launches along Season 2, so make sure you test out our Season 2 guide for even more info on all of the different content coming to the game inside the close to future.

Curse of Osiris Livestream #2 – 21st November 2017
The second of three livestreams occurred yesterday evening and we’ve got rounded up all of the exciting new information on what sports you’ll be capable of get up to within the Curse of Osiris.

New Public Event

There’s one modern Public Event that Bungie’s made totally for Mercury.
The occasion is referred to as Vex Crossroads and is one of the maximum complex Public Events yet.
During the event, you may be taking away Vex Gatekeepers that drop keys (Arc Charges). You use those keys to spawn in booster pads that’ll shipping you to a brand new area or island.
The very last boss is known as the Gate Lord it’s essentially a totally massive Vex Minotaur that turns invulnerable periodically. When it is on this nation, you may want to take out extra Vex Gatekeepers to disable its shield.
The islands/areas are extraordinary to the Public Event and cannot be accessed otherwise.
This Public event rewards you with chests and granted the player with 2 Mercury Tokens and a Rare piece of equipment.
The Infinite Forest

The Infinite Forest is a huge Vex simulation. They’ve hollowed out most of Mercury to construct this full-size shape. It’s main reason is to discover an limitless number of possibilities for the duration of time that’ll in the end bring about the Vex’s fulfillment in ruling the universe.
A handful of Adventures will take vicinity in the Infinite Forest.
The Infinite Forest is not procedurally generated, but it will provide a somewhat randomised enjoy. Bungie has hand made a number of random situations this means that every run may be a touch one-of-a-kind to the remaining.
Bungie likened the Infinite Forest to a group of LEGO blocks that assemble themselves in exceptional methods to provide you a varied gameplay enjoy.
All of the combatant races are present inside the Infinite Forest.
Prophecy Verses and The Forge

Brother Vance will have 3 special Lost Prophecy Verses on the market. If you buy one, you will be assigned a mini-quest where you’ll need to gather a certain number of ingredients which may be obtained via a selection of Mercury based sports – Strikes, Adventures and Public Events as an example.
Once you’ve gathered all of the components, you will use them in your inventory to set off the Lost Propechy verse itself earlier than returning to Brother Vance to gather your new item. Next, it’s a case of heading over to the Forge inside the Lighthouse and interacting with it. You’ll get hold of a unique Legendary Weapon.
There are a total of eleven Lost Prophecy guns to forge.
New Features

The Lighthouse has been streamlined for ease of access. There are also mysteries you could clear up inside the Lighthouse itself, although it remains to be seen what precisely this entails.
Heroic Adventures were brought to the game. They characteristic modifiers and are more difficult than their regular opposite numbers.
Two new Strikes had been brought to the sport. You’ll be delivered to them as solo missions at some point of the marketing campaign and once you’ve got completed them they’ll be delivered for your Strike playlist. There are two versions of those moves, a solo version integrated into the tale, and a normal strike designed for 3 gamers.

Curse of Osiris Livestream #1 – fifteenth November 2017
Here’s the modern facts from the primary movement which gave us our first glimpse of what Destiny 2’s first expansion has to provide, split off into separate categories.

New Features

A Heroic Strike playlist may be covered, allowing players to earn better loot for beater a lot harder demanding situations.
New planet Mercury will characteristic the largest Public Event yet launched for the game. Expect greater info on that front inside the run up to launch.
The new social hub – The Lighthouse – may be the house of Brother Vance, previously of Trials of Osiris.
The new Power Level cap is showed over again to be 330.

The Infinite Forest vicinity adjustments whenever you bypass through it, and could function new enemies and encounters.
You can use the Infinite Forest to reach specific timelines within the past, present and future. This is carried out by way of activating positive trees inside the forest.
You’ll meet diverse NPCs within the Infinite Forest and use it to kick off assignment storylines in Curse of Osiris.
The Lost Sectors featured in Mercury may not be marked anywhere at the map until you have completed the DLC campaign.

The next raid content is called Leviathan, Eater of Worlds.
This content material takes vicinity in the Underbelly phase of Calus’ deliver, in which you generally head into to locate more loot chests and employ shortcuts.
Although shorter in length than the vanilla raid experience, it’ll be a great deal extra difficult, and is distinctive as some thing known as a Raid Lair.
There could be a Prestige mode to be had for the brand new content material.
Expect a brief delay between the release of the new DLC and the brand new raid content material becoming available.
There may be a endorsed minimum Power Level of 310 for Eater of Worlds.

Osiris is inside the Infinite Forest attempting to exercise session what the Vex’s plan is.
The storyline alternatives up more than one months after the conclusion of Destiyn 2’s middle storyline.

Pre-circulation overview
When will we examine extra?

If you are itching to analyze even extra approximately the Curse of Osiris DLC because of land subsequent month, then we’ve got were given some good news for you. Bungie’s introduced three live streams so that you can delve in addition into key components of the new enlargement and screen a few tantalising new information.

Each live circulate goes to be streamed over on Bungie’s authentic Twitch channel and can be launched on a weekly foundation. Below we’ve damaged down all the dates and info you will need to mark down to your calendar. We’ve also covered the legit descriptions so you recognise what to expect from each one.

Stream One – New Stories to Tell: Wednesday, November 15th 2017. Starts 11:00AM PT (19:00PM BST). “Learn approximately the locations you may go, the characters you may meet, and the enemies you’ll combat.”
Stream Two – New Ways to Play: Tuesday, November twenty first 2017. Starts 11:00AM PT (19:00PM BST). “Watch us preview some of the brand new activities on the way to task you and your Fireteam.”
Stream Three – New Gear to Earn: Wednesday, November 29th 2017. Starts eleven:00AM PT (19:00PM BST). “Inspect the new inventories and notice it all in action on a present day Crucible map.”
More from Paris Games Week 2017

Bungie found out even extra statistics at the Curse of Osiris DLC in a press conference at the back of closed doors at Paris Games Week 2017. While it’s best two very precise bits of records, they may be nevertheless pretty massive reveals despite the fact that!

The base character level cap could be raised from 20 to 25.
The strength degree cap will be raised from 300 to 330.
This’ll deliver players an even greater cause to get stuck into the enlargement and suggests we will need to reach those milestones to unlock additional quit-game content – very thrilling.

For a full breakdown of actually the entirety else that become revealed, make sure you take a look at out the sections simply below.

Paris Games Week 2017 Trailer Breakdown

A latest Curse of Osiris trailer changed into revealed at Paris Games Week 2017 which showcased a whole host of interesting gameplay photos. We’ve embedded the trailer with a purpose to watch below and included a whole breakdown of all the key information hidden internal.

Credit to a whole lot of this information is going to Youtuber “Unknown Player” who’s were given a first-rate DLC pictures breakdown video that you should absolutely watch.

Trailer Highlights

Of course, there’s a ton of new armour units and adorable pictures of Mercury.
There’s a shot of the Lighthouse at across the zero:44 mark, but some other shot at 0:46 which suggests The Lighthouse in a darkish, crumbling kingdom. We recognize there’s going to be an element of time travel to this DLC, so this indicates we’ll be traveling places within the present, past and future.
We subsequently get our first look at one of Destiny’s maximum famed characters, Osiris. What you could no longer have noticed is that he’s fighting through the Vault of Glass Raid which changed into initially playable in Destiny 1. Stop the trailer at 1:04 and you’ll see the alternative Guardians he’s preventing with completely frozen in time. Expect the entire cinematic within the DLC.
At 1:12 we get a glimpse of a returning Exotic weapon from Destiny 1 known as the Jade Rabbit. It turned into a scout rifle different to Playstation customers until most effective currently!
At 1:13 we see a Guardian wielding any other returning Exotic from the original Destiny. It’s a fusion rifle entitled Telesto which creates delayed explosive blasts with every shot – high-quality.
Stop the clock at 1:15 and also you’ll see what looks like every other returning Exotic weapon. It’s got exactly the same version because the No Time to Explain pulse rifle from the original Destiny, albeit with an Osiris themed reskin.
At 1:sixteen we get a close up of a cutting-edge Trace Rifle which looks as if a Solar model of Coldheart.

DLC PVP Gameplay

Youtuber “My name is Byf” appears to have a photos of modern day PVP gameplay from the Curse of Osiris DLC. We’ve connected his video down below and you’ll want to bypass to 3:34 for all the good things.

Again, Youtuber “Unknown Player” gives a extremely good dissection of this new pictures and uncovers even extra juicy information which we’ve summarised down under.

The base stage cap has been raised from 20, to 25. Note the level above the heads of Guardians running at across the 4:01 mark. You’ll additionally see Telesto in action here!
Stop the clock at four:08 and also you’ll see a Hunter carrying a menacing helmet with a glowing red visor. It’s a returning Exotic armour piece from the authentic game known as the Graviton Forfeit.
There’s a brand new Exotic emote coming to the sport which makes your Guardian take a selfie.
The new PVP map they’re playing on is referred to as Wormhaven.
Activision Blog Post Update

A few more critical details were revealed in a blog submit via Activision.

Here’s even extra official information on the enlargement – put together yourselves, it is pretty interesting.

The Lighthouse may be a modern day social area.
New missions.
New Strikes (note the plural!)
New Raid content – We’re uncertain if this indicates a completely new Raid, but here’s hoping.
New free-roam sports.
There’s a brand new global quest.

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