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How to Use Secondary Weapons (Valkyria Revolution)

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Secondary guns are an crucial combat mechanic in Valkyria Revolution. They are constrained-use in nature and may be selected from the Battle Pallette, a menu that freezes time and lets in the participant to pick out a path of movement. When having access to the Battle Palette, pick out a secondary weapon that fits the state of affairs.Valkyria Revolution

Wield Wisely

Secondary guns include grenades and weapons (among different weapon sorts), and could finally wear out if overused in war. The exception to this is whilst you get entry to acquired bases, in which secondary weapons may be restored and re-ready. Grenades and bullets are high-quality saved for particularly overwhelming foes, whereas magic and spellcasting can be used greater liberally as a normal a part of your combat arsenal.

Mastering the usage of secondary guns is fundamental for your warfare strategy, so don’t overlook know-how them. The higher you may suit your arsenal to enemy weak spot or possibilities to attack, the extra success you may have.

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How to Use Secondary Weapons (Valkyria Revolution)
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