Zelda Breath of the Wild

All Sheikah Runes, Secret 7th Rune! Zelda Breath of the Wild

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Zelda Breath of the WildThere are a total of four runes available in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild,

Each of which is earned during the early hours of the game.

These are special abilities that have a wide range of uses, most notably utilized to complete puzzles in the game’s more than 100 shrines. However, they are also useful in battle when used appropriately.

Below are the four runes you will collect during your journey.


Rune  Location Description
Cryonis Keh Namut Shrine Builds ice pillars that are very stable. These pillars can be used as stepping stones or as obstacles. Use Cryonis on an ice pillar to break it.
Magnesis Oman Au Shrine Grab on to metallic objects using the magnetic energy that pours forth from the Magnesis Rune. Objects held in the magnetic snare can be lifted up & moved freely.
Remote Bomb Ja Baij Shrine The force of the blast can be used to damage monsters or destroy objects. There are both round & cube bombs, so use whichever best fits the situation.
Stasis Owa Daim shrine Stops an object in time while storing its kinetic energy. The stored energy will act upon the object when the flow of time resumes. Making good use of the stored energy can move even the largest of objects.


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All Sheikah Runes, Secret 7th Rune! Zelda Breath of the Wild
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