Zelda Breath of the Wild Snowball Bowling

Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Snowball Bowling Full Guide

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Zelda Breath of the Wild Snowball Bowling

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild has a whole lot of neat secrets, one of which is a Snowball Bowling mini-recreation. This interest isn’t always most effective a pleasing trade of tempo from your fight and puzzle heavy journey, but can make you quite a few Rupees.

To get started out head to Tabantha Tundra, that’s at the Northwest segment of the map. Note that this location is very cold, so that you will need some form of cold safety, preferably passive protection received by way of equipping a Warm Doublet (purchased in Hateno Village) and Ruby Circlet (purchased in Gerudo Town).

You must find a residence on pinnacle of a hill with a few big wooden poles nearby. Nearby is an NPC named Pondo, and he’s an interesting fellow. For an insignificant 20 rupees, he will let you roll snowballs down the hill in hopes of knocking over some tree trunks.

After paying Pondo’s fee, absolutely pick out up a snowball and chuck it down the hill.

The trick is to throw the snowball into the small dimple in the snow in the direction of the center proper facet. If it lands right here, probabilities are you may rating large.

Payouts are as follows:
9 Pins – 50 Rupees
10 Pins – a hundred Rupees
Strike – three hundred Rupees
You may additionally need to recollect saving earlier than beginning the mini-game and preserve seeking to get a Strike.

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