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Zelda: Breath of the Wild The Master Sword Location & Explanation

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The Legend of ZeldaThe Master Sword is taken into consideration certainly one of gaming’s most coveted weapons. Link has used the weapon for 3 many years, making it symbolic of his heroism and perhaps even the game itself.

As with earlier Zelda games, in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild you may achieve the Master sword, but it’s going to require some paintings.

Located at the north aspect of the map near Great Hyrule Forest, the Master sword is an unbreakable weapon. Although it would not need to be replaced like different guns from put on and tear, it does need to be charged by way of unequipping it sometimes.

The sword is acquired similar to the legendary Excalibur, pulled from a block of stone. Although you can visit the sword early in the game, there’s one foremost requirement: you want 13 hearts.

Hearts are earned at some point of the sport as you complete shrines and efficiently progress via the tale. Note that those hearts have to be permanent, in preference to the brief hearts you could gain from a few meals.

The unique region may be visible as a crimson dot within the map beneath.

As a quick aside, we didn’t consist of an photograph of the Master Sword as to now not wreck it

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