Zelda:How To Complete The Cursed Statue Quest

Zelda: How To Complete The Cursed Statue Quest

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Zelda:How To Complete The Cursed Statue QuestJust some hours into your The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild adventure you can come upon a small house in which an NPC will provide you with a quest titled ‘The Cursed Statue’. Little is said apart from a brief riddle that serves as a clue, and that solving the puzzle will furnish get right of entry to to a hidden shrine.

Here is how you can remedy the puzzle.

First, open your Adventure Log and select the hunt. This will region a map icon at the region of in which you want to head. Before you had there, make sure it’s nighttime. Specifically, it wishes to be between 9:00PM and 6:00AM. You can adjust the time at a campfire, and one is near the residence wherein you acquire the hunt.

After arriving at your vacation spot, find the statue with purple glowing eyes. This will only appear at nighttime. Once you discover the statue, shoot it within the face with an arrow.

If you have no arrows, you can discover some enemies both East and West of the place who will drop them.

Upon hitting the statue with the arrow, the name of the game shrine will open up close by. Congratulations!

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Zelda: How To Complete The Cursed Statue Quest
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