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Skyforge is an MMORPG where players develop from newly christened immortals into full-on gods among men. They will gain mortal followers and powers along the way. Empowered by the faith and skill of their followers, they’ll battle invading armies in intense action combat to protect their homeworld. With over a dozen classes to unlock, Pantheon PVP to participate in, and a mystery of Aelion to unravel, there’s plenty to do in this new F2P MMORPG.


  • 13 Unique Classes | There’s something for everyone from the Paladin to the Necromancer, and even the Alchemist and Monk.
  • Deep Character Progression | You’ll play one character in Skyforge, because that character can be anything he or she wants. The Ascension Atlas allows you to grow and switch classes at will.
  • Pantheon Wars | Join a Pantheon and fight against other armies of gods in a never-ending war for the future of Aelion.
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    • PlayStation 4 Version is Button-Mashing Bliss

      One thing that’s always bugged me about MMOs is that death is rarely final, with resurrection a button press away. Skyforge, the sci-fi fantasy from Allods, has an explanation for it: your character is immortal. Unfortunately, the life of a proto-god isn’t easy, especially when you must cultivate a flock of faithful believers to fuel your growing power.

      Posted on 04/25/2017 by Gareth Harmer

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    • Like It or Not, Destiny 2 is Good for the MMO Genre

      Destiny 2 is coming to PC. Praise be to RNGeezus, it’s true. While the “Persistent Online Shooter” does everything it can to avoid the term MMO, truth is they’ve invited us (a site mainly focused on MMOs) out to their studio on several occasions. Acronym or not, even Bungie realizes the game’s draw for fans of the genre. With the sequel now officially launching on the PC September 8th, Destiny 2 has become the bright spot on the MMO gamer’s horizon.

      The Casual Action MMO Shines on PS4

    • When Skyforge launched in 2015 on PC, we liked it, even if it felt ultimately shallow & overly complicated in some aspects. Fast forward almost 2 years, & the Allods Team/Obsidian MMORPG is launching on the PlayStation 4. Arguably, this is where the game should have been all along, as it seems custom-made for the console, & with recent changes made to progression & combat, feels a lot more fun to play.

      Why Skyforge is Now a Great Casual MMO

    • I’ve been dabbling in Skyforge lately, due to the overwhelming amount of changes we’ve seen made to the game in recent months. Curiosity got the best me, & I’m glad I made the return. While the recent overhaul to the campaign & removal of the Atlas have made waves of positive & negative in the community, the Skyforge I find today is a game that’s altogether more palatable & less confusing than before.

      Ascension – Don’t Call it a Comeback

    • Skyforge’s big expansion Ascension launches today, & we’ve been playing the game’s pre-patch changes in anticipation of the big update. What we’ve found are a slew of very welcome changes to a game that seemed needlessly complex at launch. Read on for our impressions!

      Ascension Expansion Nearly Remakes the Game

    • recently announced a new expansion for Skyforge called Ascension — essentially a game-changer for everyone with big impactful changes coming with it. We had the opportunity to learn more from Creative Director Alexander Pan’kov.

      Obsidian’s Fruitful Partnership with

    • & its parent company are quickly becoming a powerhouse in both publishing & developing new games for the worldwide market. Once mainly centered in Russia, the organization is looking to expand into North American & European markets, a fact that its partnership with California’s Obsidian Entertainment bears witness to.

      Running with the Gods in Crucible

    • With Skyforge firmly in retail release & the first major update, Crucible of the Gods, already deployed, we reached out to Obsidian & to talk more about Crucible, what it brings to the game, the part feedback played in some of the design decisions & much more.

      What Class in Skyforge Should You Play?

    • With Skyforge being the hot new game on the block right now, it makes sense that so many of us are playing Allods & Obsidian’s latest. But there are an awful lot of classes in the game, & some take a lot of work to unlock. So why not let us help you decide which class to work towards with this week’s quiz?

      Posted on 07/29/2015 by William Murphy

    • Review in Progress – My Ascension Slows

      My epic ascension to god-hood slowed down this week. The reason was twofold. On one hand, I had to review Kyn (a fun little Indie RPG), but on the other hand I was actually very glad to take a break from Skyforge. After putting in over 40 hours since Open Beta Head Start, the repetitive nature of Skyforge’s content is starting to get to me.

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    • Skyforge CBT2, First hour in game!

      Hi, im new for this site but i’m a real enthusiast mmo italian gamer!

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