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Fallout 4 Full Guide: Human Error (Covenant)

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How to unlock: Talk to Honest Dan in the Covenant (M2,3). First you must complete the test that will allow you to walk inside

Quest objectives:

  • Fallout 4 Full Guide: Search Covenant for clues
  • Fallout 4 Full Guide: (Optional) Search destroyed caravan for clues
  • Fallout 4 Full Guide: (Optional) Ask Dan about Synths
  • Fallout 4 Full Guide: Find the Covenant Compound
  • Fallout 4 Full Guide: Search for any caravan survivors
  • Fallout 4 Full Guide: Rescue Amelia Stockton
  • Fallout 4 Full Guide: (Optional: Wait for Chambers to kill Amelia
  • Fallout 4 Full Guide: Find Old Man Stockton

In order to go into the village, first you should entire the take a look at. Talk to Swanson in the front and if you’re not certain what to reply, preserve deciding on alternately the “up” and “down” dialogue options. The first alternative you must choose is “up”.

Inside the village, you will meet Honest Dan close to the tree. He isn’t always part of the network and he’s going to ask you to help him find a caravan. If you have Charisma, you can convince him to pay you 50 bottlecaps earlier.

(Optional) Search destroyed caravan for clues

This extra objective isn’t always groundbreaking. You will see a marking that will lead you out of doors the town, near a damaged caravan. You can be looking for lemonade, hidden in the blue refrigerator near the dead guy.

Search Covenant for clues

The key data related to the investigation may be discovered in Jacob’s pc (high protection degree). If you can not hack it, you should discover the password.

The password is mendacity written on a word inside the closed house close to the gate. If you cannot open the lock within the door (medium degree), you need to scouse borrow the important thing from any citizen by the use of the pickpocket skill. Once you obtain the proof from the pc, you can take delivery of a bribe from Jacob and receive one hundred bottlecaps. Optionally, you can additionally talk to Dan – this will offer his assist later inside the quest.

Alternative solution: If you have got round five Charisma points, you could try and get a few facts from Penny the service provider. Ask her about the lost caravan, then gossip about Dan – an choice requiring Charisma will seem. This choice will allow you to reap the proof right away and get to the following factor.

Go to the lake at the west. There are door in one of the pipes – it’s the entrance to the sewers. Inside you may face big numbers of susceptible human enemies and few turrets. The medical doctor can have a key to open the closed doorways leading to the further a part of the complex. After a while, you will attain a big room – look left and take the fusion middle.

You will must face a key preference in this quest after you reach a small prison with now not-unfriendly doctor Roslyn Chambers. You can spare the woman or kill her. If Dan is with you, then after figuring out to kill her you may should fight him as well. There are 3 possible outcomes to be had…

Kill Amelia – a agreement with doctor Roslyn
If making a decision to combat Dan with the aid of accepting Roslyn’s provide, Amelia – the captive lady – will be killed after the war. You will receive three hundred bottlecaps. You will hold the get admission to to the village and you may be able to trade.

Free Amelia (while Dan is with you)
Use the terminal under the steps to free the woman. Then, talk to Dan. You will get hold of praise and the hunt will give up. By default you’ll obtain three hundred bottlecaps, but through using Charisma you may increase the reward by way of 60, 60 and finally one hundred twenty, which in overall can provide you with 540 bottlecaps. However, you’ll not be capable of go back to the village – you will become the enemy of all the citizens.

Free Amelia (without Dan)
If you’ll go to the complicated alone or you may kill Dan but unfastened Amelia, you’ll be capable of gather the praise for liberating her to your personal. You have to discover her father, he is residing in Bunker Hill. You will be an enemy of the village and you’ll not be capable of go back there. From her father – The Old Man Stockton – you may acquire three hundred bottlecaps.

Quest rewards: experience, three hundred bottlecaps (Dan can pay you more if you persuade him with Charisma).

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