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Fallout 4 Full Guide: Old Guns

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How to unlock: You must complete few quests for Minutemen and meet with Preston Garvey (M7,1).

Quest objectives:

  • Fallout 4 Full Guide: Return to the Castle
  • Fallout 4 Full Guide: Talk with Ronnie Shaw in the Castle
  • Fallout 4 Full Guide: Get to the closed armory
  • Fallout 4 Full Guide: Build and prepare the castle artillery
  • Fallout 4 Full Guide: Go to the marked location
  • Fallout 4 Full Guide: (Optional) Don’t turn the receiver off and listen on the Freedom Radio frequency
  • Fallout 4 Full Guide: Talk to Preston Garvey

Meeting with Ronnie Shaw

In order in an effort to play this quest, first you should entire the Taking Independence major quest described at the previous web page. Then you must start finishing new side quests for Minutemen until Preston Garvey will inform you that Ronnie Shaw desires to meet with you within the Castle. Go returned to that area if you’re now not there right now. Find Ronnie Shaw and talk to her. The woman will need assist in locating the castle armory.

Important – Don’t start this quest till you advanced your individual enough. You have to also take your quality guns for this assignment, in particular the gear which might be powerful in destroying enemy machines (you will face, among different warring parties, a completely sturdy robotic).

Getting to citadel armory

Start strolling with Ronnie. You will listen to a brief communication with her. After some time you’ll reach a collapsed passage. Walk towards the rubble, interact with it and confirm wanting to transform it into scrap (you will advantage few pieces of concrete). Now you could stroll forward and open the door leading to the tunnels under the Castle. When touring thru the underground tunnels, be careful for the automated turrets placed close by and for mines hidden inside the floor. The mines will explode whilst you get near them, you need to keep away from them or sneak as much as them and disarm them.

In one of the subsequent chambers there may be a totally sturdy robot – Sarge. Start the duel with this mechanic boss, use the slender corridors all through the struggle to jump to the perimeters every time the robotic is preparing his attacks (the robot has problem with shifting through these corridors as nicely – he can prevent or even block himself and grow to be an smooth target). Use the excellent weapons you’ve got and explosives to weaken your enemy. Avoid hurting your allies, they could substantially help you at the same time as they’re on their complete strengths. Don’t stand too close to Sarge whilst he’s destroyed because the robotic will explode and you can effortlessly die or receive extreme harm. Resume the walk, in one of the further rooms you will discover the body of wellknown McGann (he has a few precious objects). Open the door main to the western a part of the stronghold.

Search the castle armory

After some time you’ll attain the opposite facet of the formerly tested gate (you can select it up now). The armory is next by way of and also you must plunder it. You will find, amongst other items, an upgrade to the laser musket and a totally precious object – the Fat Man (it shoots small nuclear bombs). Your essential goal is to take the artillery schematic lying on one of the tables.

Building the artillery and getting ready it to work

Go returned to the principle courtroom and open the workshop window after being attentive to the conversation with Ronnie. Open the Special projects tab and pick out the Artillery Piece. Put it in any vicinity on the courtyard you need. The item requires a person to function it. It cannot be Preston, Ronnie or the minuteman working at the radio transmitter. At least one extra person have to be residing in the castle, you need to order it to perform the artillery.

Testing the artillery

Get with Ronnie Shaw barely far from the citadel and, after paying attention to the conversation with her, go to the place where the artillery check might be conducted. Activate Pip-Boy and set off Radio Freedom related to quest’s facet goal. Now, pick Artillery Smoke Grenades that you received currently. Get near the attack target, throw the grenade in its route and retreat to a secure distance. Wait for the region to be bombed. From now on, you can use the artillery backup (whilst you’re in its range) to dispose of corporations of sturdy enemies.

Meet with Preston Garvey at the stop of the hunt. He will come up with a brand new, random quest.

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