Hex Commander Full Guide & Walkthrough: Starting Tips - Beginners Guide - Price Origin

Hex Commander Full Guide: Castle Guide (The Base) Beginners Guide

Hex Commander Full Guide & Walkthrough: Starting Tips - Beginners Guide - Price Origin

The fort is the region to that you cross after every project. There, you could restore the health of your hero and devices, which can also be replenished there. This is the best place where you may spend gem stones and gold (despite the fact that the latter is also wished for conjuring units to battlefield). There are three classes of homes in the town.

Recruitment buildings – After buying a given constructing, you’ll be capable of recruit new gadgets. Each building offers get entry to to at least one form of devices. Some buildings additionally require any other shape to be erected first – as an instance, so one can construct the Mages Tower, you first need to build the Mages’ Guild. The degree of every constructing is represented through stars under its call (it is able to be extended with gems) and the wide variety of devices recruited (the blue effigy). Consider unlocking all buildings all through the preliminary hours.

Special buildings – The Teleport (summons devices to the battlefield), the Mages’ Guild (shop with scrolls), the Alchemists’ Guild (store with potions) and the Training Chamber (hero’s upgrades). Each of these homes presents unique benefits. Some ought to be offered as soon as viable (the Teleport); others can wait (the Alchemists’ Guild).

Commercial buildings – The Jeweler allow you to exchange gem stones for gold and vice versa; the Imperial Market allows you to shop for gemstones for actual cash. These buildings are erected from the very starting and do not must be upgraded.

What ought to I upgrade first?
Here’s the order of importance of the improvements we recommend:

The Teleport. Without a doubt this is the most crucial constructing for your army. More devices at the battlefield imply higher tactical abilities and extra pressure. First tiers value only a single gem, so you need to quickly improve the Teleport.
Recruitment Buildings. The faster you are capable of bring together a numerous army, the better. Some missions would require simplest ranged units – in others, you may not be able to win with out cavalry.
The Hero. The abilties which can be the maximum treasured are: regeneration (replenishment of HP once every turn – just one level is enough at first), command (bigger gadgets permit the soldiers to deal maximal harm for longer) and the elevated wide variety of potions and scrolls (also their range) available every turn. The relaxation is as much as you – you can, for instance, growth the hero’s personal stats. Additional gold is always excellent, but you have to have plenty of that for finishing missions.
Military Upgrades. After a while, start upgrading your squaddies. Begin with the maximum useful, or those that you feel should be more potent. It’s higher to have a different navy than simply one, powerful form of gadgets. Sooner or later you will encounter an opponent so as to defy even your strongest unit – pikemen, for instance, are hell for cavalry.
Scrolls and Potions. These are quite useful objects, however upgrading the Alchemists’ Guild at the initial tiers of the game is useless. There are hundreds of places where you could find interesting objects. Only in time will these varieties of items come to be mandatory.

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Hex Commander Full Guide: Castle Guide (The Base) Beginners Guide
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