Hex Commander Full Guide & Walkthrough: Starting Tips - Beginners Guide - Price Origin

Hex Commander Full Guide & Walkthrough: Starting Tips – Beginners Guide

Hex Commander Full Guide & Walkthrough: Starting Tips - Beginners Guide - Price OriginThe hero

In every challenge, you will be commanding a hero, who will be the strongest unmarried unit of your army. You can improve the hero in among missions: boom their health and assault points or improve their abilities. Don’t be frightened of the use of the hero’s full ability in war; don’t hold them at the back except their health becomes virtually low. The hero can use potions as well as spells (later in the sport thru scrolls).

Attack smaller groups

If you may, best attack smaller groups of enemies. Before making a move, usually test the variety of the antagonistic units. This will let you keep away from their counterattacks, as a consequence minimizing your losses. Groups together with 2 or fewer devices will deal much less damage – it really is why decreasing the variety of hostile troops ought to be your precedence.

Use the teleport; improve it first
Each scenario offers you access to a teleport, which permits you to summon reinforcements from your base onto the battlefield. Use it to bolster your army. In some missions, your complete military will include the teleported units best. Before deploying the units, see what sort of pressure the enemy has at their disposal and what are the task targets. If you need to typhoon enemy positions, the cavalry is beneficial; in case you want to protect yourself, recall using heavy infantry and ranged devices. Upgrading the teleport with gem stones gives you with greater flexibility in the course of conflict, so make sure to prioritize it.

No zones of manipulate and counterattack
What this means is that you’re capable of circulate as close to the enemy as you desire and assault them with any kind of unit with out being afraid of a counterattack. This allows you to shut in and destroy the enemy. On the other hand, you want to take into account that the enemy is likewise free of those barriers. If viable, plan your movements in a way so that it will allow you to stay out of enemy’s range earlier than the cease of your flip. You can check the enemies’ variety through clicking the given unit.

Take properly care of your units

At the quit of each challenge, you may get extra cash for each organization that managed to continue to exist. Try to preserve the weakest devices inside the returned – they can be used as decoys or to finish off the weakest enemies. However, maximum of the time agencies consisting of 1-2 units (apart from mages, catapults and cavalry) are quite useless on the battlefield, however can yield additional income in the event that they live on.

Coins and gems
These are predominant currencies in the game, and that they can be received pretty without problems. You’ll usually get round a hundred coins for finishing every mission (occasionally much less, if the venture took a long term) plus one gem. The cash can be used to shop for potions, scrolls and gadgets inside the base. You additionally want them to herald reinforcements throughout missions. The gemstones are needed to erect new buildings, improve the portal, the hero, gadgets and homes. Gems are pretty difficult to return by means of, so the priority have to be unlocking new homes as opposed to upgrading the existing ones. You can also trade coins for a gem on the Jeweler’s building (that’s quite highly-priced) or buy them thru microtransactions for actual cash.

Collect treasure chests and replay finished missions

It is a task, however you ought to try to replay missions on a higher issue. You gets extra cash and an additional gem. There are collectible chests in almost each undertaking – best the hero can select them up. The chests will seem on the map no matter whether or not the given assignment had already been completed or no longer. The region of the chests does now not change, nor do their contents. It’s exceptional to replay the missions that yield remarkable scrolls or elixirs.

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Hex Commander Full Guide & Walkthrough: Starting Tips - Beginners Guide - Price Origin
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