Hex Commander Full Guide & Walkthrough: Starting Tips - Beginners Guide - Price Origin

Hex Commander Guide: How to Attack & Defend – Beginners Guide

Hex Commander Full Guide & Walkthrough: Starting Tips - Beginners Guide - Price Origin

Hex Commander Guide: Get rid of smaller companies first

Finish off weaker organizations of enemies, in particular whilst your very own squaddies are not faring too well. Remember that a unit smaller than 3 infantrymen gets damage penalty.
When the enemy is attacking with a massive institution and one, single unit, attempt to complete of the weaker companies first and only then attempt taking down the more potent enemy. At the identical time, keep away from staying in their variety. Mages could be very beneficial here, as they may be capable of sluggish them down or disarm them for one turn, while the rest of your units can cope with the weaker enemies. If you do the alternative, and start by attacking the most powerful enemy on the sphere, your units will lose lots extra fitness and might not be capable of tackle the remaining forces.

Cavalry price

The cavalry is maximum useful in open spaces and a terrible desire for the duration of sieges and in forests. When commanding cavalry, remember to attack in a immediately line from a few hexes away. If a cavalryman gets stuck in melee fight, retreat 1-2 fields on the way to charge at the enemy. This will permit you to make use of the capacity of this unit to the fullest.

Archers to the turrets!

Ranged devices get bonus damage for elevation benefit – if they may be higher they have better range and deal extra damage. The exceptional bonuses are furnished if they are on partitions or turrets. Such systems also lessen the obtained harm. The catapults must be located on the very best points of the map, on the way to considerably increase their range. Remember that your gadgets on walls can not undergo each other.

Use the woodland and partitions to block the line of fire
Environmental boundaries can be very beneficial in blocking enemy bowmen. Use that to your gain -allow walls or forests guard the flanks of your units. This can also prevent you from suffering larger losses before engaging the enemy. Entering a field with wooded area charges extra movement points – this can be of gain if you’re defending.

Fight the smallest corporations of enemies feasible

Not only are the units small, but they may be also dispersed – this is the fine moment to attack.

The devices in Hex Commander don’t mechanically reply to being attacked – the best idea is to attack small businesses and finish them in a unmarried turn. This prevents them from unfavorable you afterward. Superior numbers are very vital, so ensure which you always have extra (or at lest the same wide variety of) devices. Attacking larger companies will constantly imply more losses. If you can’t make it, use the environment for your benefit and continually keep a watch at the enemies’ variety. Plan your actions so that you can save you enemies from drawing close your positions. You also can use the scrolls and weaken the enemy, but it isn’t always usually viable.

Defense missions

Infantry guarding a narrow passage, ranged gadgets on turrets and on the again – this castle won’t yield without difficulty.

In a few eventualities, you’ll be tasked with protecting a citadel, for instance. Get as many ranged devices as feasible. Place them on the walls and turrets. Focus your guys on the a part of the wall wherein the gate is – this is the simplest area where the enemies can pierce. You should have 1-2 infantry devices to protect the entrance in case the gate is overwhelmed – they can take more damage in melee fight. Ranged units should cover as a whole lot ground as possible.

In different situations, along with protecting a village, try to diversify your military. You should have as a minimum one cavalry unit. They will be able to circulate quickly and deal wonderful harm. If you’re protective a unit, then surround it with your army. If you may, choose narrow passages – which include a bridge – and use your most powerful gadgets to repel the attacks. The fine desire is regularly the Hero, who could have the maximum fitness, motion and assault points.

Battle Mage

The Mage prevents the heavy infantry from – and then the rest of your troops finishes them off.
Batlle Mage is a unique unit that can save you the enemy from moving or attacking. This impact is randomly applied after an attack. This is the right unit for stopping and weakening the maximum powerful devices, consisting of cavalry or heavy infantry. What’s extra, the mage can attack enemies from a distance and ignores boundaries that usually stop projectiles. When it involves negative aspects, Mages have terrible health and are only effective after some enhancements. You need to recruit them after summoning some ordinary devices.


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Hex Commander Guide: How to Attack & Defend - Beginners Guide
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