Hex Commander Guide: Mission 5 – The Sun Gate – Campaign

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Another protection project, however this time you have to face Orcs, resistant and powerful enemies. This undertaking might be a small test of your abilties.

The map has two teleporters (the blue arrows). You can leave one or squads and summon them inside the later a part of the sport. Order all your Crossbowmen to take positions on the wall across the gate’s entrance but you need to additionally ensure that they can speedy shoot enemies inside the partitions. Orc gadgets are resistant and well-armored but they aren’t that numerous. You can use a Mage who can slow enemies down.

Their fundamental forces technique from the south. However, Orcs will also come from numerous instructions (the small purple arrows). Their heavy infantry is tough to defeat so use the Rage scroll after they get close to their allied devices(the large pink arrow). Orcs have quite a few spearmen which means that attacking them with Cavalry isn’t a terrific concept. The pleasant way to defeat them is to use ranged devices. After some turns, enemy reinforcements will method from south. It is time to apply the second teleport to summon Infantry or Cavalry to take away enemy mages. The Orcs’ hero could be the biggest mission here. He likes to assault gates – use this records and keep dealing damage to him. He has a variety of fitness factors and strength so use all nearby forces to prevent him.Mission 5 - The Sun Gate - Campaign

Place your Crossbowmen around him and shoot on the Orc hero whilst he receives in the first part of the castle. This function is right for you because your gadgets can shoot both inside and outside the castle. Again, enemy devices want to attack gates. Use Infantry this is inside the citadel to put off foes.

Playing the challenge on a better problem (orange markings at the map). Goblins be a part of within the combat. They will come from the south. If you summoned any devices by way of the use of the southern teleport you then have to get them lower back to the citadel as rapid as you may.

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Hex Commander Guide: Mission 5 - The Sun Gate - Campaign
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