Hex Commander Full Guide & Walkthrough: Starting Tips - Beginners Guide - Price Origin

Hex Commander Guide & Walkthrough: Mission 16 – Rauenborn Offensive

Hex Commander Full Guide & Walkthrough: Starting Tips - Beginners Guide - Price Origin

Time to go back to Rauenborn and free the village from Goblins. The village is now fortified with walls and new towers. Also, you get support in a form of Dwarven Cannons. Take your time to plan your attacks and use the artillery wisely because there are many enemies beyond the walls.

Your military is positioned south from the village, near the teleport. You get access to five Dwarven Cannons which means that which you ought to summon Infantry, Cavalry or, at the least, one Mage. Melee devices are useful for breaking via the forces on the bridge and fights within the walls. Wait for the Wolves at the left to attack (the crimson arrows west from the teleport) earlier than you start marching at the village (the blue arrows). These three devices can emerge as a chance when you focus your attention at the village. Firing from all Cannons need to address them without any troubles however you have to keep a watch at the Wolves’ variety of moves. After that you have to place the Cannons in a spot that would permit them to defeat each the Archers on the outer towers and the incoming Infantry. Then you may begin marching at the village.Mission 16

The village is full of enemy Infantry and Archers. Getting towards the walls triggers the enemy to counterattack (the arrows within the village). You have to ship the most resistant gadgets, e.G. Infantry to obtain damage and maintain enemies distracted so that they might not attack your ranged gadgets. This also can be done together with your hero. He can preserve a number of harm if you forged Shield (harm discount) on him and equip this unit with Regeneration. Then, you may use Cannons and Mages to ruin devices that are combating with yours. A Battle Mage is within the tower that stands within the center of the village. You can defeat him simplest via the usage of spells or ranged units. Freeze him or defeat in the first vicinity due to the fact he has a super variety and his assaults ignore terrain obstacles.

Playing the challenge on a better issue (orange markings at the map). This can reason you a bit bit extra problems. The starting of the undertaking is nearly the equal. First, defeat extra groups of Wolves inside the west and within the south in addition to some Battle Mages in the south-east. Additional squads are stationing each inside and outside the village. Reinforcements are located within the north-west – they begin moving towards the village after you start combating interior it.

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Hex Commander Guide & Walkthrough: Mission 16 - Rauenborn Offensive
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