Hex Commander Full Guide & Walkthrough: Starting Tips - Beginners Guide - Price Origin

Hex Commander Guide & Walkthrough: Mission 17 – Eastern Offensive

Hex Commander Full Guide & Walkthrough: Starting Tips - Beginners Guide - Price Origin

You receive another mission during which you have to recapture a previously visited location. Your friend’s location is upgraded with walls and towers. Also, there is an allied Dwarven army that will help you in battles.

Mission 17

The assignment starts inside the west part of the map and you get access to a rather massive military. Your aim is to seize the homes close to one of the roads (the big blue arrow). You can use the teleport this is between the buildings and assault your enemies from behind. For now, you ought to summon most effective one unit, a Mage, after which area him on a tower. Do all of that during the same flip. Melee devices might not be able to hurt him and this place is outdoor of enemy Battle Mages’ attain. Your Mage may be capable of harm every body who gets in his range. You can also summon an extra Infantry unit. However, you must synchronize summons with attacks of your principal forces on the target.

Your attack on the western gate have to be achieved with dedication. Battle Mages, located on the towers (the small red arrows) are your biggest threat. Use the Mage in the tower and another hero, additionally a mage, to freeze the enemies inside the towers. Now, flow the artillery and end the enemy off. Move the hero and the rest of your devices towards the gate to take away enemies approaching from inner. After that you can call more devices in case you need. It is time to address the enemies inside the east.

Most of the enemy gadgets on the alternative facet of the tower will assault your allies (the large purple arrow). The Dwarven military begins marching closer to the Goblins (the brilliant blue arrow). On ordinary, they must be able to deal with themselves all through nearly the whole undertaking. The Dwarven hero is alternatively sturdy and has potions.

Playing the mission on a better problem (orange markings on the map). There are additional agencies of enemies. They are in the forest positioned south from the tower. Attacking the defenders of the tower triggers them to fee at you. They are bogged down via the woodland however they’ve a whole lot of units. What is greater, two large enemy companies will be part of the Goblins inside the east. These new agencies will attack your allies. The Dwarves do not get more gadgets right here this means that that you need to assist them and cooperate. Don’t waste a while and, if you can, move across the fortifications through shifting north and join the allies.

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Hex Commander Guide & Walkthrough: Mission 17 - Eastern Offensive
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