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LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 Full Guide: General tips

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LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2

Finish the marketing campaign earlier than you start finishing the game in 100%. This manner you may unencumber characters who may be utilized in completing sure puzzles. You do not have to find all secrets and techniques in story missions. You additionally don’t want to acquire studs because you can get them in loose play mode and with a studs multiplier activated. Focus at the tale after which do the secrets and techniques in loose play mode.
Focus on getting one crucial person earlier than you begin playing inside the free play mode. This person is Black Widow – she will grow to be invisible which lets in you to complete a number of the puzzles that require this ability. Black Widow may be unlocked by completing all her aspect missions. These quests may be found in the course of free roam, within the area that connects two locations – Nueva York and Sakaar (near the battle area).
Not all missions can be finished proper away. Some of them continue to be locked until you complete an goal from any other area. For instance, you can not complete Nick Fury’s mission on Manhattan until you entire a venture wherein you need to assist S.H.I.E.L.D. Retailers. Don’t fear whilst you observe a “padlock” icon on the map. This method which you ought to really cognizance on completing different sports.

Save studs. Studs are the only foreign money in the sport (except for the red bricks that liberate extra bonuses). In the beginning you must handiest accumulate studs and don’t spend them on some thing. Get sufficient of them, go again to the Avengers Mansion and spend them on Stud Multipliers. First, purchase x2, then x4 and when you reach x6, you may start spending studs on characters or vehicles.
Complete minor missions in unfastened roam mode in the course of your money incomes. If you stumble upon enemies and also you start attacking them, you will growth your multiplier. For example, one defeated enemy gives you x2 multiplier, two x3 and many others. The maximum viable multiplier is x10 and, when combined with purple bricks, one blue stud can come up with numerous hundred instances more than without those multipliers.
After completing a few missions, you get access to Chronopolis, the location in which you can find all places totally free roam mode. Remember that you could exchange view after commencing the map. The lower degree has severa hubs and the top stage has Attilan, a flying town, and Knowhere base. Each region has a pc that lets in you to vicinity numerous markers in your map (aspect missions, puzzles with gold bricks or Stan Lee’s locations).
The order of completing the main missions presented in this guide isn’t always the handiest accurate order. For instance, project four, What’s Klaw’s Is Mined, can be finished after venture 5. It is important to pick out the right crew earlier than every undertaking. The groups’ listing may be determined inside the descriptions of every of the primary missions.

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LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 Full Guide: General tips
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