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LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 Guide: Mission 1, Panic at the Picnic – Gwenpool’s missions

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2

Switch to Squirrel Girl and approach the silver statue presented inside the photo above. Blow it up and construct a radio. Control it through the use of the manipulate panel subsequent to it. Everyone begins dancing however the radio however soon the radio gets destroyed. Use the scattered bricks and assemble a ornament for a branch. This completes the primary objective of this mission.

A pile of mud can also be discovered within the same region. Dig it up with Squirrel Girl and construct a fountain out of the bricks (the second one degree is now whole). Notice that characters jumped out from the arbor next to you. Get interior it. Destroy packing containers which might be internal and construct inexperienced handles, you’ll have to drag them later. The entire production made with the aid of you hits the bell. This completes the third a part of the venture.

Switch to Koi Boi, move left and connect the booth supplied within the photo. You can do this with the aid of pressing the buttons on the way to seem at the display screen. This completes the fourth part of the task.

Then, you need to dive inside the small lake nearby and, as Koi Boi, destroy the glass protection at the bottom. Use the bricks to build a cable and use the control panel close by to fish out a cage.

Fish out the cage, get returned at the land and use the crane manipulate panel positioned on the wooden pier. Then, press the buttons so that it will seem on the screen. This permits you to transport the cage at the region wherein the sales space is. Put meals into the cage and use the crane again to transport the whole construction again into the water. This permits you to “trap” a turtle and complete the 5th a part of the project. You additionally unlock the get admission to to the very last fight with M.O.D.O.K.

Go to the proper where M.O.D.O.K. Stands at the level. Build a cannon by using the usage of the bricks scattered on the ground. Shoot M.O.D.O.K.’s pet, now not him. Thanks to that he’s going to knock bricks which can be essential for repairing the cannon. After a while the cannon will get destroyed. You must now build a manipulate panel and use it to damage the enemy. Repeat this step till M.O.D.O.K. Is defeated. The challenge is now complete and you liberate a brand new individual – Koi Boi.

Pink Brick – Helium Mode
Switch to Squirrel Girl, approach Gwenpool and damage the sign with her face on it. Use the bricks to construct any other sign with Gwenpool’s face and then follow the tracks. Dig out greater bricks and build any other signal. This allows you to finish the first part of the mission as a way to reward you with a pink brick.

The 2nd Gwenpool’s sign is right subsequent to the place where you have got started out the challenge (see the photo). You need to do the equal component as earlier than – destroy the signal, comply with the tracks, dig out bricks and build every other signal.

The 0.33 sign is within the left part of the location, on the wood pier subsequent to the bridge. Follow the tracks, dig out bricks and build the 1/3, last, signal. After that you receive a purple brick – Helium Mode.

Stan Lee at risk
There is a rotating “carousel” at the left from the region supplied inside the image. Use it to move two characters up wherein you may find two buttons. You also can transfer to characters who can fly and clearly fly there. The wall on the left may be destroyed with the aid of a person with excellent energy (e.G. Captain Marvel) and the one at the proper with a character who can capture green handles (e.G. She-Hulk). Regardless of your desire you have to place both characters on pressure plates inside the center and unencumber get right of entry to to a lever on the bottom. Switch to some other person, pull the lever and save Stan Lee.

Character token – Silk
Go right, near the stage wherein M.O.D.O.K. Become before and switch to Doctor Strange. Move the wall that blocks the get admission to to balls and then vicinity the balls into baskets which have the identical shade (the blue ball into the blue basket and so on.). This allows you to unencumber a man or woman token – Silk.

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LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 Guide: Mission 1, Panic at the Picnic - Gwenpool's missions
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