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LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 Guide: Mission 3 – Dude, Where’s My Dragon

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2

Destroy all bins which might be at the left. Then, construct a clock and use it to prompt traps. Switch to Merlin and turn the clock by going again in time. Switch back to King Arthur and try and reach the opposite facet via fending off all traps (do this before the time runs out).

Only one individual needs to attain the opposite side. Enter the primary chamber when you are prepared and face Morgan Le Fay. Use the bricks on the floor and build a platform. Then, leap on it as Merlin. Draw the proper shape to open the close by gate. The room has now more bricks.

Build a throne and pass it to the left. The throne serves as a trampoline – use it to leap at the pillar after which at the small platform at the wall. There, you can locate timber. Destroy them as Merlin. Then, use his unique capacity to open the primary window. This permits you to damage the boss.

Go down and build any other throne. Fix the floor on which it stands and move the throne to the right. Switch to King Arthur and use the trampoline to jump on the bar on the proper. You need to attain the last bar – this permits you to lower the chandelier and deal extra damage to the boss.

Morgan teleports her mother or father. Start attacking her minions. Stand at the gold grate at the left and anticipate the robot to shoot gold laser beams. Use the robotic’s beam to break the golden grate. This releases greater bricks. Use them to build a jester’s hat and, as Merlin, placed it at the robot.

Then, smash the gold grate on the right (do it in the equal way as with the grate at the left) and build a lute. The robot starts offevolved dancing. Wait until it turns. As soon as the robotic does that, you ought to shoot on the generator on its back to immobilize it absolutely. This ends the undertaking and you get another character token – Morgan Le Fay.

Pink Brick – Big Head Mode
Start the undertaking in unfastened play mode. Switch to Iron Man and shoot the silver cage provided within the image. Then, fly inside and gather the treasure.

Stan Lee in peril
Switch to Ms. Marvel before you enter the main chamber and wreck the wall with crimson hooks. Inside, you could find a puzzle – your mission is to press 3 strain plates and shop Stan Lee. You need to prompt the plates in the precise order. The right symbols are displayed on the wall above the cage with Stan Lee inside.

Character token – Valkyrie
In the main chamber, the one wherein you combat with Morgan Le Fay, you can find a heap of dust (see the image). Dig out a chest and spoil its padlock with lasers (you may use, e.G. Merlin). Inside, you can find a person token – Valkyrie.

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LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 Guide: Mission 3 - Dude, Where's My Dragon
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