LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 Guide: Mission 5 – Toe to Totem, Gwenpool’s missions

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2

Approach the level and spoil the totem that stands at the left. There is a puzzle underneath it, you should locate it with Red Wolf.

Follow the tracks till you attain the region wherein you could dig out bricks. Use them to construct the first a part of orchestra after which head left for greater bricks.

Build a trampoline and begin leaping from one bar to another. You must reach the best one. This throws down barrels with water. They positioned out the hearth and unlock get right of entry to to some other totem.

Go on the balcony and use Rawhide Kid’s lasso to wreck every other totem. Then, cross down on the lower stage and damage silver bins.

Use bricks to construct a mechanical bull. Activate the tool and begin using the bull by means of urgent the right buttons. This allows you to attain the balcony at the right..

There, you need to damage the desk and the chair (each stand next to the totem). Construct a hook and use Rawhide Kid’s lasso to destroy it.

Go down and build a water cannon. Aim and shoot on the enemy – Living Totem. Defeat him and obtain a brand new individual token – Living Totem.

Pink Brick – Attract Studs
This crimson brick may be amassed once you put out the fire. Use the bricks and build a taking pictures variety. Then, shoot ten transferring goals.

Stan Lee in peril
Stan Lee can be saved after the destruction of the third totem. Go down and build a water cannon. Then, shoot with it at the burning piano at the proper. Use the bricks which might be next to it and construct another element. Activate the whole production and rescue Stan Lee.

Character token – Darkhawk
Start the extent in unfastened play mode and technique the vicinity offered in the photograph.

Switch to Doctor Strange. Use his competencies to shake the bottle. The explosion will assist you to attain another part of the room. Then, switch to Iron Man and spoil the golden door of the safe. This permits you to get every other person token – Darkhawk.

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LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 Guide: Mission 5 - Toe to Totem, Gwenpool's missions
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