Destiny II Legendary Shards Full guide

Destiny II Legendary Shards Full guide

Destiny II Legendary Shards Full guide

Legendary Shards arrive to your Destiny 2 recreation when you start getting Legendary or Exotic tools. You want them to upgrade and adjust your vibrant new pink (Legendary) or yellow (Exotic) tools, however in which you get them — or even what they may be — isn’t always precisely intuitive.

In this manual, we’ll break down what Legendary Shards are, a way to gain them and what you’ll use them for.

Legendary Shards are a consumable fabric (or arguably a forex) you’ll get when you dismantle a Legendary or Exotic item. They’re just like the Gunsmith Materials you get from dismantling Rare or better equipment. There’s no other way to get them, in order that they’re an object you won’t want to worry approximately till you’re getting numerous Legendary (or better) drops.

Legendary Shards are required to infuse (and therefore enhance) your equipment. You can feed Legendary Shards and similar gear to Legendary or better gear to improve it. This manner you may usually enhance your rarest tools and maintain its assault or defense rating on par together with your current (better) drops. Every item you feed for your gear will cost you Legendary Shards, that you get from dismantling equipment, so it’s sort of a sensitive stability. (But it’s a balance you don’t simply should fear about till you’re nearing the Level 20 cap.)

Legendary shards may also be used as a forex for Xur.

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Destiny II Legendary Shards Full guide
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