Subnautica Drowns in Controversy

The People Speak: Ni no Kuni II Impresses, Subnautica Drowns in Controversy

This sure has been a heated week in GameRevolution Towers. Though it wasn’t precisely an eventful week inside the gaming industry, the recent controversy surrounding SUBNAUTICA ensured that there has been masses of discussion in our remarks sections, with every person sharing their opinion on Unknown Worlds Entertainment firing an worker as a result of their tweets. Though there was masses of, er, “passionate” responses to our articles regarding the Subnautica controversy, quite a number thoughtful responses were posted by our readers.

Elsewhere, readers loved our latest installment of ‘Remember?’ which targeted upon the oft-forgotten 2004 preventing game, Def Jam: Fight for NY. Our review of Radiant Historia: Perfect Chronology additionally got a number of JRPG fanatics excited, with Cody Perez’s gushing praise of the 3DS game placing it on a few readers’ radars.

As usually, thank you for being vocal in the GameRevolution community this week, and take a leaf through a spread of our favourite comments beneath:

ARTICLE: Why it is Not Surprising That the Subnautica Developer Was Fired

COMMENT: “P.S. Chylinkski is still loose to say what he wants. People who whine approximately him being “muzzled” are idiots who do not recognize how this works. He still has his freedom of speech, as his endured tweeting demonstrates. But love it or not, his freedom of speech does no longer impinge at the rights of the control of Unknown Worlds Entertainment to decide they do not want to accomplice with him anymore.”

ARTICLE: Remember Def Jam: Fight for NY? The Most Underrated Fighting Game Ever

COMMENT: “Just thank you for this!

So many memories and this type of fun sport for couch co-op…And that soundtrack…Damn. I might buy a new such a just from nostalgia. But additionally agree you in all likelihood could not make it nowadays due to all the reasons you indexed and then some.”

Miles Saintborough
ARTICLE: Subnautica Review Bombed After Dev is Fired Over “Hateful” Tweets

COMMENT: “What a crazy ass time we stay in. Were this some years in the past, humans could be screaming for the fellow’s head after making such bigoted remarks. Now it’s some thing to be defended.”

ARTICLE: Final Fantasy VII Remake’s Cloud Design Changed by way of Square Enix

COMMENT: “‘Hamaguchi introduced that the sport’s development is doing fine and going as planned’…Not positive this counts as properly news coming from Square Enix.”

ARTICLE: Ni no Kuni 2 Proves a Game Without Ghibli Can Still Be Great [Preview]

COMMENT: “I loved the art fashion for the closing game however could not actually get into it. My wife cherished the game and dropped one hundred hours into it without difficulty. Looking forward to seeing her play the sequel at some point.”

ARTICLE: Hype Builds As Treyarch Is Confirmed to Be Making Call of Duty 2018

COMMENT: “From now on I’m going to call the Call of Duty video games through their actual number. This is Call of Duty 14.

Call of Duty 26 in case you rely spin offs and separate hand-held titles.”

Marco Caballero
ARTICLE: Radiant Historia: Perfect Chronology Review – The True Successor to Chrono Trigger

COMMENT: “Fuck, you’re making it hard for me to face up to shopping for this…”

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The People Speak: Ni no Kuni II Impresses, Subnautica Drowns in Controversy
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