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Ultimate Alliance Xbox Cheats (Marvel All heroes to level 99)

All heroes to level 99: At the team menu, press up,left,down,up,down ,right,start. GOD MODE: Press UP, DOWN, UP, DOWN, UP, LEFT, DOWN, RIGHT, START during game play. TOUCH OF DEATH: Press LEFT, RIGHT, DOWN, DOWN, RIGHT, LEFT, START during game play. SUPER SPEED: Press UP, LEFT, UP, RIGHT, DOWN, RIGHT during game play. LEVEL 30 TEAM: Press UP, LEFT, UP, LEFT, DOWN, RIGHT, […]

MechAssault Xbox All Cheats (2018)

MechAssault Xbox All Cheats (2018) BONUSES: Beat the Campaign to unlock Ragnarok in local multi-player, as well as the Ymir variant.   Invincibility: In campaign mode pause the game and press  L, R, A, B, X, Y  quickly.   Thanks to Revolution readers Andy Russell, ZQUiRREL, Jared, psychopsymon, Lee MacPherson and James Cayzer!  

Fight Night Round 3 Xbox Cheats

Full Stats: Enter Mr. Skitz as your first name in create a champ mode to have full stats. ALL VENUES: Enter NEWVIEW as your first name in create a champ mode to unlock all arenas. BONUS VENUES: Win a career mode fight at the Staples Center or Madison Square Garden to unlock it. FIGHT AS KO REY MO: Beat […]

MX Unleashed Xbox Cheats (2018)

Enter these at Cheats Screen in the Character Completion field MINIGAMES Unlock all machines STUPERCROSS Supercross tracks ECONATION National tracks BIGDOGS 500cc bikes SQUIRRELDOG 50cc bikes CLAPPEDOUT Get all bonuses BUSTBIG Freestyle tracks OBTGOFAST Expert AI WRECKINGBALL AI Bowling SWAPPIN Pro Level Physics Thanks to Revolution readers Ikarimon, Stephen, & DHaas!  

Star Wars Republic Commando Xbox

God Mode: Pause the game, then press Y, Y, L, Up, X, Black, X, Y. Refill All Current Weapons: Pause the game, then press Y, Y, X, Down, R, L, R, Up. You’ll hear a gunshot or explosion if the code worked. UNLIMITED HEALTH FOR ALL SQUAD MEMBERS Pause the game, then press X, Y, […]